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Fruit preparations

“Eat more fruit!“ – it will spread fruit enjoyment! And we provide the ingredients for this! Originating from all over the world: apricots, figs, mangos, mandarin oranges, papayas, pears, peaches and pineapple,. A coloured assortment that is freshly prepared in a great number of varieties, all according to exact specifications.

Packed as tinned food, aseptic packs or deep-frozen. We can also gladly tailor to your specific needs.

We control the supply chain, audit, monitor and document, whilst all the time keeping a close eye on the movements within the market! We are prepared for your success!

Contact persons

Mr. Eicke Bittner
Department head Industry
Phone: +49 421 5239-47242
Fax:      +49 421 5239-4947242